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Tealium Integration

To better support our customers using the Tealium iQ Tag Management solution we have built support into our UCP scripts. Specifically, this integration supports prior consent using the Tealium Tag Manager. This section provides the overview of that support.


To enable prior consent, we need to be able to send a notification to the tag manager when user consent has been detected so the non-essential technologies can be deployed.

Tealium Tag Manager supports this notification via Load Rules.  Load Rules are rules which can be put in place before a tag technology is deployed through the tag manager.  There are many types of Load Rules, but what the Evidon tag uses is an Event rule so a specific event needs to be received before the technologies will fire.

To trigger the Load Rule we trigger the call from their utag.js script.  The event we trigger is titled:  evidonConsentGiven

Please note this type of event integration will only work in versions of Tealium which support sending a custom event.  We have not tested every version, but based on documentation found from Tealium this looks to start at version 4.26.

Follow these steps to set up the Load Rule event for the tag manager integration.


1.Open you Tag Management interface.

2. Navigate to your Load Rules tab.

3. Click Add Load Rule.

4. Give the Load Rule a title. The title doesn't matter, but we suggest calling it something like "Prior Consent Rule".

5. In the Select a variable dropdown, select the event_name UDO variable.

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If this is not in the list you will need to add the Tealium Events extension.

6. In the condition dropdown (the second one) switch the condition to "equals (ignore case)".

7. In the final field put in the name of the event which has to be:  evidonConsentGiven

8. Apply this Load Rule.  No other conditions are needed.

9. Navigate to your Tags list and apply this load rule to all tags which are non-essential and require prior consent.

In addition, there is nonative integration with Tealium at this time so you will need to add the Evidon Site Notice script as a custom tag.  If you need instructions on how to do that please contact your Tealium Account Manager.

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