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UCP Implementation Guide

The Universal Consent Platform (UCP) supports several consent, opt-out and opt-in scenarios. Currently, this document provides guidance on how to implement and test on our platform. Check this space for regular additions and updates.

User Guide for the Universal Consent Platform

In the attached comprehensive user guide for the Universal Consent Platform, you will find step-by-step instructions detailing how to: 
  • Create and manage your consent notices
  • Design your consent notices
  • Manage your text and translations
  • Deploy your consent notices via all available methods
  • Manage your access requests
  • Manage vendors and categories 
  • Use testing and reporting features 



This section outlines the different areas to test and how to overcome some of the challenges specific to testing different areas of the UCP.

General Functional Testing

It can be a challenge to test the UCP scripts in non-production environments. For example, if you configure a notice for “” and you are trying to test from “” the notice will not function as the domain won’t match. There are several strategies to overcome this.

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Country Testing

The UCP supports over 100 countries and allows you to set up specific experiences for as many countries as you need. The UCP scripts deliver a user experience based on country using IP routing provided by our content distribution network (Akamai). Naturally this makes it a little more difficult to test the different countries from a typical testing environment. The following mechanisms can be used to test the country experiences from a test environment.

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Language-Translation Testing

By default, the UCP scripts will pull the users configured language from their browser settings and use that to show to correct translations. There are several ways to test the different languages, so we’ll provide some context and start with an overview of how the translations on your notices function.

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