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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Crownpeak is excited to launch the first phase of its new user interface, V3. This new User Interface (UI) marks a return to browser based technologies, and an alternative to the Silverlight used in the Vote UI. We are using all of the latest frameworks like HTML5, Angular and Bootstrap and have made some updates to the way the system works to help make managing your content easier than before. This section presents a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

General Questions

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Question: When will Classic or Volte be phased out?
Answer: As of January 31, 2019, the original version of our content publishing tool (AKA “Classic”) will be retired. As of April 30, 2019, the second version of our user interface (AKA “Volte”) will be retired. 

Question: What features will not work between the three user interface (UI) versions?
Answer: There are approximately 300 features currently in the Volte version. The goal is to add the majority of these features in the next year.

Question: What web browser are supported?
Answer: There will be support for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The planned supported web browsers are: IE 11+, Safari, and Chrome.

Question: What features will be released first?
Answer: The 300 features has been divided in 3 personas: Author, Developer, Administrator. The focus of the first releases are around the Author persona.

Question: What WYSIWYG editors will be supported?
Answer: The editor in this version is TinyMCE Version 4.01. The Ephox EditLive! WYSIWYG will not be support in the new UI due to Java compatibility issues.

Question: Will Drag & Drop editing be available in existing customer templates?
Answer: Existing customer template files will require some level of update to use the Drag and Drop editing mode.  Crownpeak will provide guidance on how to enable this.

Question: Does this version support mobile platforms?
Answer: Mobile device support will be available in Author phase 2 later in 2016.

Question: Will WCO Testing & Targeting features be in this versions?
Answer: WCO features will be in the Form View mode initially.

Questions from the July 2016 Webinars

Question: How much of what we are seeing in the demo is "right out of the box" configuration?
Answer: The new UI will work with your existing implementation, and no changes are required.  You can even go back and forth between all three UIs. The one exception is the new Drag & Drop editing mode, which will require some template changes to enable.

Question: Do the images resize to the same ratio when you make changes that affect it, such as adding a new component?
Answer: That will depend on your template and site CSS. The demo showed an image that did not retain the aspect ratio, and that was a template issue.

Question: Will we be able to preview php asset files?
Answer: There is no change in the way we handle server side code.  We are happy to discuss further.

Question: Are there any changes in template logic to support any of the features shown in V3?
Answer: The are no changes required except for the new drag & drop editing mode.

Question: I am an author and also an administrator. Should I wait until the admin persona is available? Otherwise, I would be bouncing between UI's, correct?
Answer: Either way is fine - you can try them both and decide the best combination for you.

Question: We've had a lot of trouble with TinyMCE, so are concerned that is the only supported WYSIWYG editor.
Answer: There was an issue with tables in Silverlight. We are using the TinyMCE Enterprise version and believe it will work much better back in the browser in V3. If you are having other issues, we definitely want to hear about them. This will also help us determine the priority of adding a second editor.

Question: How should we prepare for the upgrade?
Answer: We are preparing online documentation that includes videos and other training materials. We recommend that you review the new UI in your instance and determine if it meets the needs of your Authors, Editors, and Approvers. We also recommend that each customer perform their own internal testing to make sure they are working correctly.

Question: How does this affect coding Input templates?
Answer: There are no changes required except for the drag & drop editing mode.

Question: Do you have documentation on new UI?
Answer: You will find the online documentation at

Question: Do we have the debugging capabilities in V3?
Answer: Those will come in with the developer features.

Question: The demo is done on the web based interface. Is the app interface also updated?
Answer: The V3 UI can be used instead of or alongside the Silverlight application.

Question: So we would be able to work on multiple tabs in a short amount of time...right?
Answer: Yes, the multiple tabs will be available in the first release.

Question: Will the new editor be available to all clients irregardless of their instance? Has it been tested on all instances?
Answer: The new UI will work on all existing instances. We have not done instance by instance testing, and would be happy to discuss.

Question: Will a menu be part of the component drag and drop?
Answer: Great idea. Thanks, and we will look into adding that.

Question: In the current version it is difficult to copy and paste charts into a page. With the new version will this be easier to do or is there a better way to load charts onto a page?
Answer: This may be easier in the drag and drop editing mode. We'd like to get some samples from you so we can look in to it.

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