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Search G2 Introduction

The CrownPeak Search G2 platform is a highly-scalable, high-performance, enterprise-grade indexing and query platform, based upon the Apache Lucene Software Library & Apache SolrCloud.

What is CrownPeak Search G2

The CrownPeak Search G2 platform is a highly-scalable, high-performance, enterprise-grade indexing and query platform, based upon the Apache Lucene Software Library & Apache SolrCloud.

Benefits of CrownPeak Search G2

  • Fully Managed - Like the core Content Management, Testing/Targeting/Personalization and Digital Quality Management platforms, CrownPeak Search G2 is fully managed by the CrownPeak team. This means that you do not need to worry about availability, scalability or management. CrownPeak Search G2 benefits from the sale SLA uptime guarantees as all areas of the CrownPeak portfolio.
  • Enterprise-Grade - No matter what your data indexing and query requirements, CrownPeak Search G2 ensures the performance, flexibility and security that you would expect from an enterprise-grade platform.
  • Hyper-Availability - Like all other CrownPeak portfolio services, CrownPeak Search G2 is designed to be hyper-available. CrownPeak's team of talented engineers make certain that the highest-levels of availability are ensured, using techniques such as automatic sharding and replication of your data, as well as active processing of your data across multiple datacenters.
  • Open Standards - Apache Lucene is the globally recognized open standard for enterprise search design & execution. CrownPeak Search G2 implements The Apache Lucene Software Library and Apache Solr at its core to ensure that platform adoption is simple across all customers.
  • Global Support - With support for any worldwide language, including single, double or multi-byte (UTF-8) character sets, CrownPeak Search G2 will fulfil all of your global search platform requirements.
  • Auto Language Recognition - In addition to support for any worldwide language, CrownPeak Search G2 also includes automatic language detection capabilities for over 30 worldwide languages. Automatic language detection allows customers to implement stemming, spell-checking and suggestion capabilities very simply.
  • Spatial / Geospatial - CrownPeak Search G2 is fully spatial / geospatial aware, enabling customers to implement geographic enriched search features, such as 'Find an Office' or by ensuring that geographically relevant content is presented to your customer.
  • Public and Private Content - Customers want to be able to quickly find content that is relevant to them. Why should this be restricted only to content that is publicly available, making the post-login experience less rewarding? CrownPeak Search G2 fully supports indexing & query of content, regardless of whether it is public or private in nature.
  • Realtime Indexing - CrownPeak Search G2 is directly connected to the core Content Management platform, enabling Realtime Indexing of content at publish time - ensuring that the most recent content is always presented to your customer. Realtime Indexing also enables the publication of page-based content to CrownPeak Search G2, enabling search to play a core part in the navigational experience of your customer to enhance their experience.
  • Regular and Polite Crawling - In addition to Realtime Indexing, CrownPeak Search G2 fully supports regular crawling of your website (multiple times per day). Website crawling can help you to provide the best possible search experience across all customer touch-points, by indexing content that is located elsewhere in your organization, yet still relevant to the customer, creating a more rounded experience. CrownPeak Search G2 also respects any rules that you deploy within your robots.txt file, meaning that you have full control over what content is crawled, and how often.
  • Standards-Based API - We know that your teams need to work with standards-based APIs, to ensure that they can do their jobs quickly and efficiently. CrownPeak Search G2 implements a RESTful API for querying, and returns results in JSON or XML, depending on your requirements. This makes it perfect for powering powerful applications, across any channel or device without additional development effort.
  • SDK - CrownPeak Search G2 includes a fully supported Software Development Kit, enabling you to on-board quickly, and with less technical involvement than many search platforms.

Please use the following links for more information on the CMS Administration Interface and Realtime Indexing.

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