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Given an Asset and a fieldname from a List Panel that contains a ShowHyperLink input panel, Renders a list of HTML links (and/or sub-links) using the fields from ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink with the same base fieldname Make sure the fieldname of the List Panel (e.g., Input.NextPanel(fieldname)) is the same as the one given to ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink (e.g., ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink(fieldname)).

public System.String RenderHyperLinkList(Asset,String,LinkListType,String,String,String,LinkListType,Int32)


asset Asset that contains the List Panel with the fields from ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Asset
fieldName Name given to the List Panel and ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink. System.String
listType Optional: Enumerated type LinkListType for parent list. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Services.ServicesOutput+LinkListType
listParentClass Optional: Class of parent list System.String
listParentId Optional: ID of parent list System.String
childField Optional: Name of the child List Panel and ServicesInput.ShowHyperLink. System.String
childListType Optional: Enumerated type LinkListType for child list. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Services.ServicesOutput+LinkListType
activeId Optional: Indicates the link of the current page, assuming the current page displays the list. System.Int32

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