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Related to RederConditionalField but for a string input. Useful if the condition being checked is output resulting from a previous renderConditionalField or RenderConditionalString rather than from a single or specific field

public System.String RenderConditionalString(String,String,String,String,String)


inputString String to check System.String
tagWrapper HTML tags that will wrap the output tagWrapper overrides codeFormat System.String
tagID ID attribute for HTML tag System.String
tagClass Class attribute for HTML tag System.String
codeFormat Custom format for outputing the field content in a formatted string System.String

Code Example



            string string1 = asset["some_string"];
            string string2 = ServicesOutput.RenderConditionalString(string1, "div", "first", "divClass" );
            Out.WriteLine( ServicesOutput.RenderConditionalString(string2, codeFormat: "<p><h3>My HTML Code:</h3> {0} </p>" );
            //returns and outputs: <p><h3>My HTML Code:</h3> <div id="first" class="divClass">Content of some_string<div>\n </p>

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