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Generates generic Page Fields for input Creates a standard content header for use across your site. Consistent fieldnames can simplify maintenance and revisions of templates.

public System.Void ShowInputHeader(Boolean,Boolean,Boolean,Boolean,String,String,ShowDate,ShowSummary)


showPageLabel Displays text box for the Page Label System.Boolean
showPageTitle Displays text box for the Page Title System.Boolean
showShortTitle Displays text box for the Pages alternative shorter title System.Boolean
showAuthor Toggle display of author information System.Boolean
authorFolderPath Path of folder that holds author assets System.String
authorTemplateName Name of the template used by the author assets System.String
showDate Enum to toggle display of date. Options are: ShowDate.SimpleDate or ShowDate.FullDate. Default is ShowDate.None. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Services.ServicesInput+ShowDate
showSummary Enum to toggle the use of a WYSIWYG or a text box for the summary. Options are: ShowSummary.WYSIWYG or ShowSummary>Textbox. Default is ShowSummary.None. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Services.ServicesInput+ShowSummary

Code Example



            ServicesInput.ShowInputHeader(true, true, true, false, "", "Author", ServicesInput.ShowDate.FullDate, ServicesInput.ShowSummary.WYSIWYG);

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