Documentation > CMS Template API Library > Util > ReplaceCptInternals(String,Boolean,ProtocolType)


Finds cpt_internal style links in your HTML and replaces them with links appropriate for the current context.

public System.String ReplaceCptInternals(String,Boolean,ProtocolType)


The transformed html output.


html The html content. System.String
addDomain Optional: If true add HostName for current publishing package to link. Defaults to false. Must be in OutputContext (output template or filename or url template) and publishing. No effect in Preview. Defaults to false. System.Boolean
protocolType Optional: If addDomain is true, determines if the protocol should be added and whether to use http or https. No effect in Preview.indexer. Defaults to http. CrownPeak.CMSAPI.ProtocolType

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