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Post a message to Ping FM NOTE: It was announced by Seesmic in May 2012 that was going to be close down by Mid June 2012. This call may stop working in the near future. CrownPeak is planning to eventually support the new HootSuite APIs.

public System.String PostToPingFm(Int32,String,String,String,String,String)


OK if successful


assetid The asset containing a message to send System.Int32
postFieldName The field on the asset that where the message is stored System.String
postOverrideName The name of a field on the asset that says whether to override, send the message again System.String
apiKey The Api Key System.String
userAppKey The user app key System.String
postMethod post method - defaults to "default". Choices are blog, microblog, status and default. System.String

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