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Save an uploaded file with the given key to the panel in the context of the backing asset or current asset. Note: If this is in the PostInputContext and you go the panels from an InputForm, the data will be saved in the current asset. Note: Do not include the post fix ":..." part of the name. Use the shortname "my_field", not "my_field:1"

public System.Void SaveUploadedFile(String,UploadedFile)


key The key where we are going to save this file System.String
uploadedFile The UploadedFile object CrownPeak.CMSAPI.UploadedFile

Code Example


 List<PanelEntry> panels = asset.GetPanels("panelName");

if (panels.Count > 0)
  // Get the upload called "thumbnail" from the first panel
  UploadedFile file = panels[0].UploadedFiles["thumbnail"];
  if (file != null) // save another copy
  panels[0].SaveUploadedFile("save_thumbnail", file);

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