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Crop the given image as specified. Lasso Params not saved with this call.

public CrownPeak.CMSAPI.ImgResult CropImage(Img,String,LassoParams,Int32)


img The image to crop CrownPeak.CMSAPI.Img
thumbnailKey The name of the key to save the thumbnail into. System.String
lParams LassoParams that specify how to crop and scale the image CrownPeak.CMSAPI.LassoParams
qualityByPercent Optional: The image quality of the created image. Defaults to 75. System.Int32

Code Example



             // input.aspx : Important: First have an upload with lasso params in the input form
             ShowAcquireParams aParams = new ShowAcquireParams();
             aParams.DefaultFolder = "/Assets/images";
             aParams.ShowLasso = true;
             // final cropped image will be scaled down to 100 pixels
             aParams.LassoHeight = 100;
             aParams.LassoWidth = 100;
             // initial dimensions for the selection "lasso", after a successful crop the current dimensions will be saved and used on the input form the next time.
             aParams.LassoBoxTop = 0;
             aParams.LassoBoxLeft  = 0;
             aParams.LassoBoxWidth = 200;
             aParams.LassoBoxHeight = 200;
             //The original will be scaled down to not more than 600 on each side
             aParams.AddAdditionalImage("original_image", 600,600);
             Input.ShowAcquireImage("Original", "original_image", aParams);
            // post_input.aspx:
            // Take the file uploaded with the name "original_image" crop it as defined on the input form and store it with the name "cropped_Image"
            ImgResult img = context.InputForm.CropImage(context.InputForm.UploadedFiles["original_image"].Img, "cropped_image");
            if (img.HasError)
              context.Error "Crop error " + img.ErrorMessage;

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