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Gets a List of Assets from the CMS that contain a date range which overlaps the specified range.

public List<Asset> GetDateOverlap(DateTime,DateTime,String,String,Boolean,List[String],Boolean)


A List of matching Assets.


startDate The minimum of the date range. System.DateTime
endDate The maximum of the date range. System.DateTime
startField The name of the asset field which contains the start of its date range. System.String
endField The name of the asset field which contains the end of its date range. System.String
isRecursive (Optional) If true, subfolders will also be searched. If false, only the folder specified will be searched. Defaults to false. System.Boolean
filterStatus (Optional) The list of states to filter on, if any. Defaults to the context's filter status. List<String>
excludeProjectTypes (Optional) if true excludes special asset types that are related to projects like libraries and templates from appearing in the results. Defaults to true. System.Boolean

Code Example


// Assume the assets that we are trying to pull in have startdate and enddate fields.

// If the following dates overlap startdate and enddate in any way, asset will be retrieved.
DateTime startDT = new DateTime(2019, 12, 22);
DateTime endDT = new DateTime(2019, 12, 25);

// The folder to search
Asset searchFolder = asset.Parent;

  List<Asset> list = searchFolder.GetDateOverlap(startDT, endDT, "startdate", "enddate");

  foreach(Asset a in list)
    Out.WriteLine("ID: " + a.Id + " - " + a.AssetPath.ToString() + " - " + a["startdate"] + " - " + a["enddate"] + "<br />");

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