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Digital Quality Management Tagging Recomendations

Here are some suggested HTML tags that can added to web sites published by the CrownPeak CMS (aka Digital Experience Management, or DXM) in order to make it easier to identify specific information in websites to the CrownPeak Digital Quality Management (DQM, formerly Active Standards) platform. Adding these tags will improve the DQM reporting on your web site, and are often added to web sites in any case to improve site accessibility. Most of these tags exist in either the official HTML or Aria specifications. Those that do not, are prepended with a "cpdqm" prefix to avoid any namespace collision issues, and can be renamed as necessary. These tags will go into the CMS output template files – mixed in with your sites HTML. Some of them will use the template API functions to get data from the CMS while publishing, and some of the tags are simply HTML markup for the DQM scanner to use to identify selected parts of the page.

Tags that officially exist in either HTML or Aria

These are industry defined tags that the DQM system can use to improve the scanning of pages on your web site.

Tag Definition Description Example

<meta name="author" content=" ">

The person who created the page

<% User theUser = User.Load("usersname");
if (theUser != null)  Out.WriteLine("<meta name=\"author\" content=\"" + theUser.Firstname + \‘””); %>

<header role=”banner”>

The HTML 5 header tag to define a header of the page or section

<header role=”banner”>**Your HTML goes here**</header>

<footer role=”contentinfo”>

The HTML 5 page footer tag

<footer role=”contentinfo”>**Your HTML goes here**</footer>


Site navigation links

<address>**Your HTML goes here**</address>

<main role=“main”>

ARIA property for the main content of the site

<main role=“main”>**Your site HTML goes here** Note that ARIA properties can be added most HTML tags</main>


Use this role to wrap the search form on your page.  

<div role=”application”>**Your HTML goes here**</div>


A region declared as a web application

<div role=”application”>**Your HTML goes here**</div>

<aside role=”complementary”>

Any section of the document that supports the main content, yet is separate and meaningful on its own

<aside role=”complementary”>**Your HTML goes here**

<html lang="en">

Specifies the language of the page.  It may be possible to use the CMS Translation Model Framework to automatically add this – please contact CrownPeak Support for questions.

<html lang="en">


This is an attribute added if there is a bock of text that is different from the assigned page language

<div lang="en">**Your HTML goes here**</div>


Telephone number used in the page

<span class="tel">123-456-7890</span>
class="email” Email used in the page <span class="email”></span>

Suggested Tags That Are Not Official

These are some suggested tags – the names can be changed if preferred, and the DQM app will need to be accordingly configured.

Tag Definition Description Example

role= cpdqm_comments

Blog Post comments or User Generated comments

<div role=” cpdqm_comments”>**Your HTML goes here**</div>

<meta name="" content=" ">

The date the page was created

<% Out.WriteLine("<meta name=\"\" content=\"" + asset.CreateDate + \‘””); %>

<meta name="" content=" ">

The person who last modified the page

<% Out.WriteLine("<meta name=\" \" content=\"" + asset.ModifiedUserId + \‘””); %>

<meta name="" content=" ">

The date the page was last modified

<% Out.WriteLine("<meta name=\" \" content=\"" + asset.ModifiedDate + \‘””); %>

<meta name="cpdqm_scan" content="Y or N ">

Should the page be scanned by DQM.  Since most pages are scanned by default, this is generally used to suppress scanning.

<meta name="cpdqm_scan" content="N">


Ask DQM not to scan this section of the page

<div role=” cpdqm_ignore”>**Your HTML to ignore goes here**</div>

<meta name= "cpdqm_country" content="cpdqm_global">

Country of target audience

<meta name="cpdqm_country" content="cpdqm_global">

<meta name="cpdqm_pagetype" content=" cpdqm_productgroup">

Specifies the language of the page

<meta name="cpdqm_content" content="cpdqm_people">

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