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May 2017

The May release introduces six new Properties Panels along with a WCO Testing Panel in V3.

Properties Panels

The Properties Panels are a valuable resource for an asset to allow for manipulating properties for an asset or folder (Figure 1). The panels which have been added this month are as follows:

  • Template - Allows the user to set or change the template on an asset
  • Workflow - Allows the user to set or change the workflow on an asset
  • Content - Displays the unformatted content data fields for the asset
  • Publishing Audit - Displays the Publishing Audit report 
  • History - Displays the History (System Audit) report 
  • Model - Allows the user to set a Model at the Folder level

1.  If you make changes to the Properties for the asset, you must Save the update by clicking the Save button at the top of the panel.
2.  The General Properties panel has been removed, however, the data contained within that panel can be found on the Information and Publishing Properties panels

Figure 1 - Properties Panel

Here is an example of the Content Panel for an asset (Figure 2). Note the option to Save or Refresh in the top right corner of the panel. If you make any changes, you need to Save them in order to take effect. 

Figure 2 - Content Panel 

Testing Panel

The WCO Testing Panels allows you to see the results of your testing variants in one chart. The panel displays the Testing Variants with the following information:
- Variant Name
- Distribution percentage
- Number of Visits
- Conversions
- Conversion Rate
The data can be displayed based on a rolling number of days (7, 14, 30 or 90) or according to a timeframe: This Month, This Quarter, Last Month or Last Quarter. Additionally, the default display will show the Conversion Rate winner from your testing variants (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Testing Panel

Other Improvements

1.  Advanced filter has been added to the Publishing Audit Report (OCD-1769)
2.  Advanced filter has been added to the System Audit Report (OCD-1770)
3.  My Queued Assets report is available in V3 (OCD-252)
4.  Orphan Content report is available in V3 (OCD-255)
5.  Password rules verbiage has been updated in V3 (OCD-2073)
6.  Source code will display properly on a small screen (OCD-1571)
7.  The Asset Publish report is available in V3 (OCD-132)
8.  The Queue Size report is available in V3 (OCD-587)
9.  WCO Geolocation targeting is working as expected (OCD-2021)
10.  WCO will register Microsoft Edge correctly for reporting (OCD-1825)

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