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June 2017

Folder Filters are available in V3 as of the June release.

Folder Filter

Folder Filters give the option of displaying specific information within the File View menu. Filtering is now available in V3. The filtering option will display the results based on the selected options. The filter results will display the same files in both Volte and V3. 
To use Folder Filters in V3:
1.  Click on the Filter option next to the Search bar as shown in Figure 1.  
2.  Select the options which you want to filter upon, you can use:
     a. A single option such as file type (Figure 2)
     b. Multiple options such as File Type and Create Date (Figure 3)
3.  Once the options are chosen, the File View will reflect the selections.
4.  To remove the filters, simply click the X next to the option to remove

Figure 1 - Filter Panel

Figure 2 - Single Filter Selected

Figure 3 - Multiple Filters Selected

Other Improvements

1.   Code errors will no longer appear when first saving a component (OCD-2033)
2.   Input.ShowSelectDate will work properly in V3 (OCD-2275)
3.   Post_Input code in the Component Library will not generate a syntax error (OCD-2026)
4.   Publishing Transfer Retry logic has been updated (OCD-2150)
5.   Recaptcha information will not appear on emails (OCD-1565)
6.   Reports will resize in V3 based on the window size (OCD-658)
7.   Styling updates to reports has been completed (OCD-676)
8.   Targeting variants will update when using Inline editing mode (OCD-2402)
9.   The links properties panel has been added  (OCD-1577)
10. The Reports section will expand according to current navigation (OCD-1617)
11. The Source Code will show syntax highlighting for all versions of the CMS (OCD-1943)
12. The V3 report counter will round to the correct value (OCD-2554)
13. Updates have been made to the Panels preview images (OCD-997)
14. When using the WYSIWYG in Full Screen mode, scroll bars will appear (OCD-2225)

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